Mantapa Pooja

The festival icon of Sri Krishna is brought out in a palanquin and placed in cradle in the maNTapa. The Swamiji then rocks the cradle and while he is doing this, Sri Krishna is serenaded by the musicians playing their instruments and singing. The Swamiji offers fried rice and performs aarati. The maNTapa Pooja is a feast for the eyes as well as for the ears.

This is also known as vaalaga maNTapa Pooja. In 1971, Sri Vidyaamaanya Tiirtha Swamiji of Sri Palimar Mutt offered to Sri Krishna the golden cradle used in this ritual.

During the month of vaishaakha this service is held in the Vasanta Mahal. Formerly during the special festivals of the year, it was held in the open place by the side of the Shirur Mutt in front of the room in which the silver chariot is now housed.

When the Swamiji steps down from the maNTapa, he goes and sits in the chandrashaalaa and listens to the eight kinds of sevaa (service) offered to Krishna. These services are in the form of Rg Veda sevaa, Yajur Veda sevaa, Saama Veda sevaa, Atharva Veda sevaa, Vedanta sevaa, Itihaasa sevaa, PuraaNa sevaa, and sangiita (music) sevaa.

If a devotee has offered a special service that day he is given the privilege of honouring the Swamiji by offering sandalwood paste and waving aarati.

The icon of Krishna is now placed in the palanquin and taken around the garbha guDi to the melodious accompaniment of the flute.