Sri Krishnaya Namaha Sri

On the special occasion of Lakshadeepotsava, under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Eeshapriyatirtha swami, Sri Admāru paryāya Sri Krishna Matha Udupi invites devotees to fill up their hearts in the glory of the Lord’s name.

The human body has 72,000 Nādis, each Nādi has a protecting God form, let’s chant Sri-Vishnu-Sahasra Nāma to worship these forms. On the divine occasion of Lakshadepostava lets light 36 pairs of oil lamps in Udupi’s Temple Car Street, If you Can’t make it to Udupi, Celebrate it at your Homes.

If you wish to be a part of this holy cause, please fill-up the form below and also share this with your friends and family, let’s join hands together to make our Bharatha Vishwa Guru again.

The Krishna mantra japa performed by all the devotees between 18th of Sep to 30th of Nov will be offered (samarpana) to Lord Sri Krishna by Paryāya Swamiji Himself.

So we request you to kindly provide us your Japa details on the evening of 30th Nov.