Sri Krishna in Udupi

The Acharya installed Sri Krishna in Udupi and established eight mutts to enable the worship of Lord Krishna in the temple to run smoothly, he established these eight mutts or monasteries round the temple and gave the responsibilities to his eight sanyasin disciples to take care in turns. These eight mathas known as “Astamathas’ are Adamaru Matha, Kaniyuru Matha, Krishnapura Matha, Palimaru Matha, Pejavara Matha, Puttige Matha, Siruru Matha and Sode Matha.

During his second tour to the North India again, Madhvacharya met Jalaluddin Khilji at Delhi and is said to have conversed with him in Urdu.  Also during his second pilgrimage to Badari he performed many miracles of various types like walking on the water of the river Ganges etc. At Udupi his stolen manuscripts by rival scholars were recovered miraculously. The various miracles attributed to him in the traditional biography (the Madhavavijaya) prove that the Acharya was a giant both physically and intellectually as also in yogic powers.