Raatri Pooja

From the simhaasana, the Swamiji enters the garbha guDi for the raatri Pooja. After chanting the hundred and eight names of Vishnu, he offers naivedya consisting of tamarind rice, pancake, tender coconut, coconut, panchakajjaaya, and betel leaf and nut. He then waves aarati-s of different kinds.

Coming out of the sanctum sanctorum the Swamiji offers worship to the icon of Sri Madhva at the entrance.

Musicians known as bhaagavata-s sing devotional songs along with their disciples and dance according to the rhythm. Their service to the Lord is a veritable feast for the eyes.
ranga Pooja to Hanuman
Rows of oil lamps are lit on both sides of the passage in between the shrines of Mukhya PraaNa and GaruDa. The panchakajjaaya offered to Sri Krishna’s icon is now spread out on the plantain leaf laid on the floor between the rows of lamps. The Swamiji offers this dish to the icon of Mukhya Prana and waves aarati. This is a special service offered to the intimate devotee of the Lord. The famous prasaada of Udupi is this very panchakajjaaya dish that has been offered to Krishna and Hanuman.