Pre-Paryaya Prior to the commencement of the paryaya, below mentioned programs take place.

These are referred to as muhurta(s).


Baale Muhurta held on 14.12.2018

Thousands of banana leaves are required to serve food to devotees who visit Shri Krishna Temple. In order to obtain large quantity with right sized leaves for this purpose by planting banana saplings at the appropriate time would yield leaves during the commencement of the paryaya. This has to be ongoing till the end of the paryaya. Adamaru Matha through the guidance of Shri Eeshapriya Teertharu has planted these samplings behind Udupi matha and made arrangement with people of nearby village for the supply on an auspicious day amidst vedic chants.


Akki Muhurta held on 30.1.2019

After Baake Muhurtha Akki Muhurta is held, the Thousands of people will consume prasada/food at Krishna Matha on a daily basis and requires continuous supply of Rice which is a staple food. Adamaru Matha through the guidance of Shri Eeshapriya Teertharu has once again made the arrangement with local villagers to grow 7 different types of paddy to fulfill the need
On this occasion all Astha Matha Swamigulu will participate.

Kattige Muhurta held on 5.7.2019

In Krishna Matha main source of cooking food is by wood which is used as fuel. This required quantity is collected/stored atleast 6 months prior to the commencement of the paryaya and this occasion is called Kattige muhurta. On this auspicious day priest chat vedic Hyms and prayers are offered to all the Gods. The stack is stored on the north-eastern corner of Madhvasarovara in form of a chariot


Bhatta Muhurta

Collection of paddy is called Bhatta Muhurtha for the second year of the paryaya The paddy is slowly converted to rice and used in second year. This is carried from ages by Elders may anticipating whether changes . This muhurta is conducted just few days prior to the beginning of the paryaya.