Nitya Sri Krishna Pooja Vidhana

Nitya Sri Krishna Pooja Vidhana

Lord Krishna is worshipped fourteen times a day. The rituals begin at dawn and go late into the night.


The fourteen main rituals

The first ten of these Pooja-s take place in the forenoon and the remaining four in the evening. In this way the Lord of fourteen worlds is offered fourteen types of Pooja-s everyday.

1. Nirmaalya Visarjana Pooja

At 4:00 A.M. the door of the shrine is opened. The Swamiji in charge of the two-year paryaaya takes his bath in the Madhva Sarovara, and after his meditation and tarpaNa (libation) in the room adjacent to the garbha guDi (sanctum sanctorum), he enters the shrine. While the priests chant the Vedas and the bells ring, the Swamiji removes the flowers, sacred tuLasii leaves, sandalwood paste, etc., from the icon.

He then removes the ornaments used for dressing the icon on the previous day. The bare icon of Krishna holding a churning rod, which was originally revealed to Sri Madhva, can now be seen. This view of the unadorned Lord is known as vishvaruupa darshana. (The picture on the cover of the Dvaita Home Page web suite is of Krishna’s vishvaruupa darshana.)

After the nirmaalya is removed, there is a five-fold service offered to Sri Krishna. TuLasii leaves and sandalwood paste are offered and morning breakfast is offered. Arati is offered on a round plate.
The dishes offered at this service are flat rice and curd (yogurt), groundnuts, ginger, jaggery, coconut, betel leaves and nuts.