Maha Pooja

After the saints Sanaka and others complete their services to the Lord, it is believed that Sri Madhva himself performs the main Pooja through the agency of the paryaaya Swamiji. The mahaa Pooja is the last service in the forenoon.

Before performing the mahaa Pooja, the paryaaya Swamiji once again goes to the Madhva-sarovara to have a bath in the tank.

The drum known as nagaari is beaten to announce the commencement of the ritual. When the Swamiji begins his rituals, the priests begin to chant the Vishnu-sahasra-naama and Vedic texts.

The sound of the beating drum conveys the message to the whole town that the Swamiji is going to take a bath prior to this worship. Those who desire to witness the mahaa Pooja now begin to make their way towards Sri Krishna Mutt.